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Chiropractic Peoria IL Auto Injury

Auto injuries can cause a variety of alarming and debilitating symptoms. They can also prompt a number of questions and concerns about what kind of damage you may have sustained, what can be done to repair that damage and how to achieve safe, effective pain relief. Here at Malavolti Chiropractic we have a great deal of expertise on the subject, so allow us to answer some frequently asked questions about auto injuries and their treatment.

How could I be injured at such low speed?

A heavy vehicle can convey a lot of force to the body, even if it's barely moving at the time of a sudden stop. As a result, parts of your body may go flying forward, only to snap back again due to the seat restraint. This is most commonly seen in whiplash, which is notable for the "whip-like" motion of the neck and head in a car accident.

What are the symptoms of whiplash?

Whiplash causes a wide range of symptoms beyond neck pain and stiffness. You may also suffer from headaches, dizzy spells, vision problems, ringing in the ears, jaw or shoulder pain, mental confusion or depression. If the cervical nerve roots are pinched, you may also have tingling or pain in the arms and hands (cervical radiculopathy).

How did I hurt the middle of my back?

Your seat belt harness most likely restrained one half of your torso but not the other. In an impact, this can permit the torso to twist excessively, straining the joints of the thoracic spine while also straining muscle groups that support the back.

Why are my legs hurting or tingling?

You may have sustained a herniated disc or lower lumbar subluxation that is putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. Impingement of this nerve causes sciatica, the symptoms of which include low back pain, leg pain, and tingling or numbness of the leg and foot.

I don't feel any pain or other symptoms. Does that mean I'm all right?

Don't assume anything! Adrenalin, endorphins and overall shock can delay many of the obvious signs of a car accident injury. That's why you should always schedule a spinal evaluation immediately, if only to be sure you're okay.

How can your Peoria, IL chiropractor treat my injury?

Dr. Malavolti can examine your spine for signs of misalignment and nerve impingement, administering careful, precise chiropractic adjustments to relieve joint strain, un-pinch nerves and restore vertebral mobility. We can also prescribe corrective exercises and nutritional counseling to help soft tissues heal quickly and regain their full function.

Schedule Car Accident Treatment from Our Peoria IL Chiropractor

As important as it undoubtedly is to understand the nature of auto injuries, it's just as important to act on that knowledge right away by scheduling an immediate spinal evaluation and any car accident treatment you might need. Call Malavolti Chiropractic Center for an appointment with our Peoria IL chiropractor!


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