Struggling with Back Pain?

back pain

Recovering from an accident or addressing back pain starts with identifying the causes of your discomfort and focusing on your recovery options. At the Malavolti Chiropractic Center, we focus on pain relief through natural and holistic treatment solutions. We work with your goals to find the right plan of action for your back and body.

Causes of Back Pain

The reasons you experience back pain may relate to accidents, injuries or even lifting an object with poor form. It may relate to poor posture or changes in your body. While the specific underlying causes impact your health and well-being, recognizing the specific factors contributing to your pain allows us to provide appropriate treatment and relief from the pain.

Common causes of the pain include:

  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Poor posture, which puts pressure on your back and spine
  • Pregnancy
  • Inflammation in the back or spine
  • Chronic health conditions, such as degenerative disc disease
  • A pinched nerve in the back or spine
  • Scoliosis or related spinal concerns

Changes to your posture or injuries from an accident may impact your back. Depending on the underlying cause of your pain, a treatment plan to address your concerns may vary. Generally, we focus on correcting the underlying cause after diagnosing the reasons for your pain and discomfort.

Treatment from a Chiropractor

Treatment in our clinic depends on your situation and the problems a chiropractor identifies during an initial evaluation. We may recommend chiropractic adjustments, or we may focus on addressing the underlying complications contributing to your pain.

We use different tools and techniques to treat back pain. The Gonstead technique focuses on your entire body and strives to correct the problem from the foundation. We may also recommend corrective exercises and stretches as part of a recovery program.

When the cause of your pain stems from weight gain, we may recommend nutritional changes and exercises to encourage weight loss and focus on specific weight loss goals.

When to Seek Pain Relief

Excessive pain in your back impacts your health and requires appropriate pain relief solutions. The discomfort interferes with your ability to engage in normal activities. Generally, you want to seek treatment as soon as you notice the pain and have concerns about your health. Early treatment allows us to address the underlying causes of the discomfort and focus on recovery solutions.

Even if you do not notice pain, you may want to seek treatment after an auto accident or an injury. Some injuries to your back and spine may not cause pain immediately after an accident and you may need treatment for the injuries before it worsens and causes health concerns.

Back pain impacts your life and may interfere with your normal activities. When you have concerns about the pain or it persists, you want to seek help from a professional chiropractor. To learn more about our chiropractic treatment options in Peoria or to set up an appointment, call today.

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