Suffering with Neck Pain?

neck pain

Neck pain may be moderately annoying, frighteningly severe or downright debilitating -- but it's never normal, and it's never welcome. Damage or dysfunction in your cervical spine, discs, muscles or connective tissues can make it all but impossible for you to turn, lift or lower your head without pain. If you're already having this kind of trouble, then you know you need to get it dealt with -- but you'd naturally prefer to avoid the side effects of painkillers or the risk of neck surgery. That's where Malavolti Chiropractic Center in Peoria can help by providing you with safe, natural neck pain management solutions.

The cervical vertebrae and discs that make up the neck are the most vulnerable part of the spinal column, that critical structure that houses your spinal cord and its major nerve roots. This somewhat fragile arrangement lends itself to some serious potential problems. Perhaps the infamous cause of neck pain and injury is whiplash, a common result of auto accidents. The head is whipped forward and back again with such violence that it can tear muscles and ligaments while throwing the cervical spine out of alignment, allowing discs and vertebra to pinch nerves. Whiplash can also occur from sports injuries or personal injuries.

But neck pain doesn't have to stem from trauma. Postural issues can also create chronic strain and encourage cervical misalignment. Office workers whose heads droop forward to view papers or monitors may suffer from this form of neck pain. Spinal arthritis, stenosis, degenerative disc disease are age-related factors in neck pain.

Our Peoria Chiropractor Offers Neck Pain Management Techniques

It always makes sense to pursue conservative, non-surgical solutions for neck pain before leaping into more drastic options. Our Peoria chiropractor, Dr. Malavolti, can evaluate your cervical spine and your reported symptoms to determine exactly where the trouble lies. (For instance, neck pain accompanied by numb/tingling hands could indicate cervical radiculopathy from a pinched nerve.) We can then recommend a comprehensive neck pain management strategy for your specific needs. This may include:

  • Chiropractic care - Chiropractic care to adjust the cervical vertebrae and discs can take the pressure off those sensitive nerves, resulting in drug-free neck pain relief.
  • Essential oils - Chronic tension that produces tight neck muscles may respond to essential oils aimed at relieving stress and promoting general wellness.
  • Nutritional counseling - Damaged neck tissue needs to heal, which means they need the right balance of nutrients. We can advise you on foods and supplements to help you recover.
  • Corrective exercises - Injuries such as whiplash usually call for physical therapy to help restore normal range of pain-free motion in the neck.
  • Lifestyle changes - If your posture contributes to your neck trouble, we may recommend ergonomic changes in your workplace or similar lifestyle changes to minimize neck strain.

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